Clay has always been known for its versatility since ancient times, but right now, it is rage. Clay, especially Calcium Bentonite Clay has medical, therapeutic as well as cosmetic uses. Clay is very beneficial for detoxifying the body inside-out, as it also helps in aiding digestive problems.

What is Clay?

Clay is basically fine-grained volcanic ash that is naturally occurring and rich in minerals. It is rich in magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium and silica. There are many different types of Clay such as Calcium Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay and so on, each with their own benefits.

Benefits of Clay

There are lots of benefits of Clay in medical, therapeutic and cosmetic world. Let’s talk about natural clay for skin here. It drags out impurities from inside the pores of your skin; also eases sunburn effects, balance oil production, and can heal allergic reactions of skin. Clay can be used for healthy hair, teeth and gums, not forgetting the endless health benefits to gut.

Let us take a look at different types of Clay.

Kaolin Clay

It’s available in different colors like, white, red, yellow and they vary in their abilities. Kaolin Clay is the best for dry skin. It doesn’t absorb as much as it does to soften the skin with super gentle absorption and mild exfoliation. The yellow one is more absorbent, but it is still good for dry skin. The red one works best for oily skin. If you go for pink kaolin, it is good for balancing between sensitive and oily skin. You can make purifying clay mask out of Kaolin Clay to detoxify your skin.

Fuller’s Earth Clay:

This Clay has a bleaching affect on the skin so you can get a fairer complexion after you use it. It is also beneficial if you use it with rose water and then use it as a mask, this helps boost blood circulation. This is not recommended for people who don’t have oily skin. French Green Clay is used for people who have dry skin, but if you don’t have dry skin you can still use it at once a week.

Rhassoul Clay:

This type of Clay is beneficial for hair and skin. The toxins inside of your skin are positively charged whereas Rhassoul Clay, like the popular Calcium Bentonite Clay is negatively charged. It acts like a magnet when applied and brings out all the impurities which are hidden inside your skin; inside your follicles of hair or the blackheads or sebum plugs. The main benefit is that your skin won’t be left dehydrated because it has elasticity it helps moisturize even as it detoxifies. Rhassoul Clay helps clean excessive build up on your hair and can restore the shine.

French Green Clay:

French Green Clay is one of the best absorbent for your oily skin. Actually this Clay is also called Sea Clay or Illite Clay. It gets the green color from the decomposed plant material and iron oxide it absorbs. When you apply it on the skin, it not only absorbs the oil but it also improves blood circulation to your skin’s surface. The increased blood circulation helps vitalize your skin.

Calcium Bentonite Clay:

When you talk about the most beneficial Clay, Calcium Bentonite it is. This undoubtedly tops the list when it comes to Clay that helps restore your health and beauty. It has the capability of absorbing excess sebum easily from your skin, whether you use it as a Clay mask or a mud bath. It also has healing and anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.

One of the distinctive features of Calcium Bentonite Clay is that when it is mixed with water it swells, and therefore it absorbs more than its initial mass. It naturally heals an infection on your skin and pulls the toxins out of your skin. If you have cuts and wounds on your skin, no need to worry, Calcium Bentonite Clay can help speed up the healing process. Calcium Bentonite Clay powder is used in a magnitude of beauty recipes; be it for treating an acne naturally or tighten your skin. Clay masks are definitely rage off late.

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Calcium Bentonite Clay powder is easily available to buy online. One should only buy a 100% pure and natural Clay though. Click here to buy pure and natural Herb n’ Clay.