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8 Amazing Things You Can Do With Bentonite Detox Clay

Bentonite clay is volcanic ash that was deposited undersea several years ago. It is available in the market in its natural powder form. To form clay out of this ash you need to mix a two-thirds portion of ash with… Continue Reading →

Face Masks: Things to Do It Right Using Bentonite Clay Face Mask

The popular all-natural home spa treatment – the Calcium Bentonite Clay Mask – is gaining more and more love and everyone is loving it! A single use of the Bentonite clay mask can leave the skin feeling super clean and… Continue Reading →

How To Perfect Skincare With Clay Powder For Naturally Dewy Skin

Who does not want baby-soft skin throughout life?  Though it may sound impossible once you have reached a certain age; but with the right products and proper approach to skin care everyone can make it possible. Beautiful skin does not… Continue Reading →

10 Skin Care Secrets To Learn From Women With Clear Skin

Clear skin is every woman’s dream. With all the pollution and hormones, pore-clogging becomes inevitable with nearly impossible to maintain clear skin. All these only make it harder to achieve a clearer, blemish-free complexion. There is hope, though! According to… Continue Reading →

How To Make A DIY Clay Mask For Face

Taking care of your skin is the right way to have a flawless healthy looking skin.  Cosmetic world is rightfully inclining towards the natural ways to look good, with the latest addition of Clay Face masks. Initially a spa-favourite, Facial… Continue Reading →

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