All-natural 100 % Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay Powder

All-natural 100 % Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay Powder

Calcium Bentonite Clay Powder

We, at HERB n’ CLAY, offer a series of all natural 100% pure Calcium Bentonite Clay products. Calcium Bentonite clay is popularly known as Healing clay or Natural Clay. Our products are sourced right from the womb of Mother Nature and brought to you so that you can enjoy the uplifting, relaxing, and healing effects of energize your spirit, mind and body as it boosts overall health. Calcium Bentonite used in HERB n’ CLAY undergoes stringent quality checks and is a result of lengthy research before it hits the market shelf. It is recognized world over for the magical healing abilities that modern world has only recently come to accept. Get set for a wholesome detoxification and distressing experience with us.

What Makes Our Products The Best Calcium Bentonite Clay Powder?

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  1. HERB n’ CLAY Calcium Bentonite clay cleanse, detoxifies, alkalizes, energizes, and restores the chemical + biological balance of your body

  2. HERB n’ CLAY  is the only GRAS Approved Calcium Bentonite Clay

  3. Our products have Efficacy Ratio: 37 to 1 – With Purity of 100%

  4. Our products remove 10X’s more toxins than any other brands

What Is Bentonite Clay Detox?

What Is Bentonite Clay Detox?

Bentonite Clay Detox for Clear Skin

HERB n’ CLAY is naturally packed with all its goodness preserved. A Bentonite clay detox has the ability to detoxify internally, as well as externally while bringing balance to the body. It helps maintain healthy body pH of 9.7 and further helps homeostatic ability. Use HERB n’ CLAY Detox clay powder as Bentonite clay detox drink to detoxify internally or apply topically as Bentonite clay detox bath. HERB n’ CLAY’s Calcium Bentonite clay helps get rid of harmful bacteria and viruses, boosting the probiotic bacteria in gut. Another way this Clay aka Green Healing Clay detoxifies is by working as a powerful heavy metal detoxifier.

Health Benefits of Calcium Bentonite Clay

Calcium Bentonite Clay Benefits

  1. Cleanses and pulls out harmful toxins from the body
  2. Helps boost immunity and probiotics
  3. Bentonite clay for weight-loss is hugely popular
  4. Relieves Digestive Issues
  5. Helps balances pH levels in body
  6. Helps overcome fatigue and feel energized
  7. Does wonders to Skin fighting inflammation, redness, making it soft supple and smooth

Calcium Bentonite clay molecules are naturally negative charged. When you consume HERB n’ CLAY powder internally, as Bentonite Clay Detox drink, it passes through the body absorbing the pollutants, heavy metal ions, toxins, free-radicals, and other chemicals, passing naturally through the body and is later disposed. The toxic build-up over a period of time if accumulated can have dramatic adverse effect on health and general well-being. Regular detoxification is critical to restore the healthy chemical and biological balance of the body. With HERB n’ CLAY 100% pure Calcium Bentonite Clay products you’re bound to reap the best benefits this miracle product straight from the mother Nature has to offer. Best Calcium bentonite clay benefits and uses for health. 

Benefits Of Calcium Bentonite Clay

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