What is HERB n’ CLAY?

HERB n’ CLAY is a series of all natural 100 percent Calcium Bentonite Clay products sourced right from the womb of Mother Nature to gift your spirit, mind and body wholesome detoxification and health.

HERB n’ CLAY is naturally packed with the ability to detox internally and externally while bringing balance to the body and maintaining the 9.7 pH balance of our body through its homeostatic ability. Calcium Bentonite used in HERB n’ CLAY undergoes stringent quality checks and research before it hits the market shelf. It is recognized world over for its magical healing abilities that modern world has only recently come to accept.

What makes us better than the rest?
Detoxifies, Alkalizes, Energizes, Cleanses and Balances Your Body
Efficacy Ratio: 37 to 1 – Purity 100%
Only GRAS Approved Bentonite Clay
Removes 10X’s More Toxins Than All Other Brands