Benefits of CLAY

benefits of calcium bentonite clay

Benefits of HERB n’ CLAY

HERB n’ CLAY provides you with 100 percent all natural Calcium Bentonite Clay.  Bentonite clay has microscopic layers through which it absorbs the toxins in our bowels.

It contains silica with high traces of Calcium. In addition there are more than 50 trace elements in Calcium Bentonite Clay. There are two ways to use Calcium Bentonite Clay:


When ingested, clay clears your digestive system while ploughing through the thick and nasty plaque on the intestinal walls.

In addition, free radicals and other toxins in our body stick to the clay which is then ejected by our body either through our bowel system or through perspiration.


Calcium Bentonite clay used in Herb N’ Clay works equally well when used as an external detoxifying agent. It has proven to have great results for:

• Skin
• Hair
• Face
• Bath
• Skin Rashes and Allergies

It’s time to let the HERB n’ CLAY magic work on your body and bring your spirit, mind and body in total alignment with nature. Restore the balance in your life with Mother Nature’s best Gift – 100 percent pure Calcium Bentonite Clay.

With proven results, meticulous research and development,the original volcanic clay that took thousands of years to reach you – HERB n’ CLAY is just what your body needs.