The term detoxification is known to almost everyone these days but do you know how does it help when it comes to skincare? A skin detox allows your skin to look fresh and clean. It pulls out all the impurities and harmful chemicals like free radicals and pollutants. A detox clay drink stimulates healthy environment for your skin, which includes collagen and elastin development, boosting metabolism, increasing cell production and improving the skin barrier.

So, how do you detoxify your skin to look special on festivals or that date night? In case you’re looking for how to clay detox, well, it is quite simple. Start by adding beauty foods to your daily routine like blueberries, carrots, beetroot, oats, oranges, lemon, etc. You definitely need to know how to include detoxifying ingredients for your body, especially for skin care. Products like detox clay powder, charcoal, vitamin C, etc. are popular choices. These are considered as detoxifying agents that open the clogs of the pores, protect the skin from free radicals, and promote healthy complexion.

Here are the 5 best tips by dermatologists that will help you detoxify your skin:

  1. Algae: One of the detoxifying practices use Algae. Algae add moisture to the skin by improving the cell membrane. They contain multiple antioxidants, amino acids necessary for the skin and omega 3 fatty acid which detoxifies the in and out of the skin.
  2. Calcium Bentonite clay: The advantages of using bentonite clay for skin are not limited. It helps clear complexion, cleansing your skin. If you want to enhance your complexion, try bentonite clay mask or a detox clay drink. Leading dermatologist Dr. Doft says Calcium Bentonite Clay helps pull out all the impurities from the body. Bentonite clay for oily skin is extremely helpful to clear congested pores. It will control the shine and keep the skin clean.
  3. Mud: In addition to Bentonite clay, mud is another detoxifying element that can help control oils, open the clogs of your pores and nourish the complexion. Like its counterparts, mud can draw out impurities from the skin and absorb excess oil for softer, smoother, clearer looking skin. In addition to other benefits, mud also provides the skin with array of valuable minerals.
  4. Charcoal: This is one detoxifying ingredients that is mainly popular to draw out impurities. Charcoal acts as magnet and absorbs 100 to 200 times its weight of impurities. Charcoal is found in many detoxifying skin care products, from facial mask to cleansers and body polishers, etc. Many creams and shampoos also have charcoal to make both – skin and hair healthy. It controls skin oils, purifies the skin and tightens the pores.
  5. Vitamin C: It is a belief that purifying congested pores is not the only solution to detox your skin. Vitamin C helps in detoxifying the skin by feeding on the free radicals of the skin. Free radicals are pesky environmental aggressors which can lead to fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin and other premature signs of ageing. Vitamin C protects and detoxifies skin. Being an anti-oxidant, Vitamin C sure is beneficial to fight against premature skin ageing.

One can never go wrong with these 5 detoxifying skin tips. All these ingredients are present in various beauty and cosmetic products. It’s time to gift you a better complexion, natural flawless skin and healthy body.

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