Calcium Bentonite Clay, one of the most versatile things on the planet. This clay was used by Egyptians to preserve their revered pharaohs’ mummies. The mighty Naturopaths of 18th Century Germany hailed clay as one of nature’s greatest remedies, called it a healing clay. The ancient Romans and Greeks used it to restore health. Peace advocate Mahatma Gandhi promoted the use of clay for health and purification. The Russians capped Chernobyl with it after the nuclear plant melted down, Calcium Bentonite Clay Detox was used it to heal the victims of Chernobyl. NASA feeds it to astronauts to prevent any sort of toxicity from radiation.

Bentonite Clay for Radiation Build Up

Naturally obtained Calcium Bentonite clay removes all types of toxins from our bodies. It has fundamentally negatively charged ions. It sticks to the positively charged ions of toxins in our body and wards them off. One can use Calcium Bentonite Clay either by ingesting, bathing in it or even by washing our produce in a bath of bentonite clay. You can ingest it with water or milk. You can also apply it externally for skin and hair to enhance their beauty. It helps to remove parasites from your bowel and thus is a very powerful bowel cleanser. Bentonite Clay is coming more into the limelight these days because it is found that it is able to remove a variety of radiations from our bodies.
To explain further Calcium Bentonite Clay is initially inert supercharged minerals, eventually, it gets its negative electromagnetic energy charge from the thermodynamic heat and volcanic action that created it. Bentonite Clay rebuilds and revitalizes dead cells, making space for the generation of new cells, starting a healing process. Our bodies need this energy to restore our natural harmonic balance essential to health maintenance.
Doctors suggest using bentonite clay helps to absorb radiation from the bones. Since so many of us are subject to various forms of radiation, whether from X-rays, televisions, microwaves, computers, or even radioactive nuclear radiation (which we will talk about later). This could be extremely important for those who have undergone radiation treatment for cancer.
You do not believe us that a calm and benign looking material like clay can have such ichor-like qualities? Well, here are some historical facts for you to quell your dubiousness.

Facts from Chernobyl Disaster, Russia 1986

• Calcium Bentonite Clay Detoxification clay baths were used after Chernobyl disaster to neutralize radiation.
• The Response Team at Chernobyl smeared natural bentonite clay all over their bodies before putting on their hazmat suits.
• Calcium Bentonite Clay was one of the components that were used to bury the Chernobyl reactor as a protective barrier.
• Calcium Bentonite Clay is also used to prevent radiations from a radiation waste disposal site.

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