Do you know that Bentonite clay is one of the most versatile naturally found compound on earth? It can, from helping aid digestion to create blocks for holding water in natural and man-made water bodies.

Bentonite clay acts as one of the strongest toxic removal compounds. It consists of negatively charged ions and it can thus make the positively charged toxins in your gut to stick to them and remove them eventually in the form of waste.

Here is a recipe on how you can use natural bentonite clay to aid your digestive system.

Things You Will Need To Aid Digestive System

All that you have to do is mix your Calcium Bentonite Clay, half a teaspoon to a cup of a water. You would be thinking would ingesting clay orally would be a harmful and even though your fear is valid, we would suggest that stay carefree as this clay consists 705 minerals. Herb n’ Clay is also GRAS approved and is totally palatable.

Do this as per your requirement. You will see better bowel movements, healthier gut and a healthier life!