Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay for Kidney Detox is a good idea as it is a proactive healing agent. Bentonite clay along with that detoxing the body, it soothes the GI tract, removes heavy metals, its uses are not medicational only but beauty enhancing too. Bentonite Clay is formed by the mixture of a volcanic ash and ocean minerals. This combination is found in many areas of the world such as France, Northern Germany, and in the US in Wyoming.

Along with the following beauty enhancing properties, Bentonite Clay has it also detoxifies GI Tract and diseases. But before that let us take a look at how it can help enhance once looks. It is great for skin as it heals insects bits, scrapes, wrinkles, red spots, acne and even helps with scars. It can be used internally and also be applied as a beauty mask when mixed with water for immediate results. It is found to be one of the best hair conditioners, helping to bring back hair their lustrous look.

Surprisingly this clay also heals Kidney Disease so much so that Bentonite Clay for Kidney Detox is a highly used and prescribed method around the world. It has the ability to absorb excess calcium-phosphate which is the main reason for causation of kidney diseases. It can also lead to strokes and heart attacks.

Why Is Bentonite Clay Kidney Detox A Good Idea?

Because bentonite clay fundamentally sucks on negative ions and discards them off. This is a very important thing for kidney patients who need a negative charge. Negative charge helps the passage of blood through the kidneys lowering blood pressure.

Regular usage of Bentonite Clay can prevent side effects from Dialysis. Also, Bentonite clay is an effective way to detox heavy metals of the body. Bentonite clay can stick to and remove toxic metals and compounds like benzene, cadmium, lead, mercury and many more from the body. The science behind that is, these metals have a positive charge. Clay attracts positively charged heavy metals out of the body because of its said chemistry.

In conclusion, it is an excellent detoxing agent for anything causing inflammation and irritation in the digestive tract. It detoxifies and soothes the entire Gastrointestinal tract or GI tract with its antibacterial and positive ion attracting properties.

Calcium Bentonite clay constitutes a lot of minerals promoting good health in trace amounts. Here are some other itemized benefits that make people use it in other products.

bentonite clay kidney detox

Benefits of Natural Bentonite Clay

1. It brings Oxygen to the body by removing hydrogen from cells allowing more oxygen to enter the cells resulting in better health, better life.

2. It has long been used in fluoride toothpaste preparations as it removes bacteria, deals with inflammation of the gums, and also increase circulation of blood in the gums and mucosal tissues.

The only side effects it has is that it could cause constipation. But on the average, if taken in moderation this could never be a problem but an aid in digestion.

You can find this versatile, inexpensive clay in any local health food store across America. Make sure to use Calcium Bentonite Clay and not Sodium Bentonite Clay (used for construction purposes) Also do not miss the GRAS certification. We at Herb n Clay have met the said needs and have served thousands of people.

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