Did you know that Shamans or Native Americans called Bentonite clay as “Ea-Wah-Kee” which straight away translates into, “mud that heals.”

Bentonite clay because of the rich composition of constituents can be used in a plethora of ways. It can be used externally as well internally. You can use this natural bentonite clay from your head to toe since ages this clay is used to straighten and smoothen your hair and also nourish the scalp. You can also ingest it, natural bentonite helps with digestive track ease, helps cultivate good bacteria. Thus we couldn’t agree more to what the shamans called it.

Moreover, natural bentonite clay can not only be used for humans but bentonite clay for pets is a thing too, amazing isn’t it?

Have you ever wondered why do mostly all animals and especially dogs also human babies consume dirt? This knack in scientific terms is called geophagia. Scientists state that eating dirt could be considered an old anthropological habit rooting from a physiological need of essential minerals, other nutrition, and toxin absorption.

List of a Reason Why Should Use Bentonite Clay For Pets.

  1. Bentonite Clay is polycationic in nature, this means that they are positively charged. When given to pets they pull to the negatively charged slur in the intestine of pets in the form of toxic waste, undigested material, etc. With that, they solve all digestion related problems, gastric troubles, etc.
  2. Bentonite is a phyllosilicate that does a lot of good to the skin and the fur of your pets. It cures and prevents dermatitis that is caused by poison ivy poisoning and other allergens. It also soothes their skin and acts a sunscreen, it also treats skin ulcer and lesions.
  3. Your veterinary doctor would prescribe Bentonite clay diet when they would suspect heavy metal presence in your pet’s gut. Most pets get heavy metal toxicity of the metal Lead. That is because pets feed on newspaper and lick paints off furniture and fences. They also drink water from exposed lead water pipes and utensils, etc. that would lead them to consume such indigestible metals. Bentonite Clay sticks to the metal particles and removes them.
  4. Bentonite clay helps develop pets good gut bacteria, good gut flora. This is because Bentonite clay has probiotic properties along with antiseptic properties.  

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