benefits of calcium bentonite clay

Top Benefits of Volcanic Ash – Calcium Bentonite Clay

There are thousands and thousands of toxins that we are surrounded with. It affects our internal-external health and well-being. Toxins are present in processed foods, paints, burning fumes that we inhale; pesticides, unpurified water, and the air we breathe. The… Continue Reading →

How Does Calcium Bentonite Clay Help Lose Weight Safely?

Every other person on the Earth is facing the problem with losing weight. No matter how healthy you try to be, food, lifestyle and the urge to be in the cut-throat competition, leads to eating unhealthy food and obesity. So,… Continue Reading →

How Does Calcium Bentonite Clay Help A Healthy Pregnancy?

A healthy pregnancy is foremost thought of every woman who is expecting. This is natural because a pregnant female is inclined to feel the safety of her baby while in the womb. Humans are smart creatures and they have information,… Continue Reading →

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