bentonite clay for acne

8 Amazing Things You Can Do With Bentonite Detox Clay

Bentonite clay is volcanic ash that was deposited undersea several years ago. It is available in the market in its natural powder form. To form clay out of this ash you need to mix a two-thirds portion of ash with… Continue Reading →

How These 5 Different Types Of Clays Benefit Your Skin

Clay is considered as the most important ingredient in a large number of mud masks since it absorbs contaminations and mends the skin. You would have seen, clay masks are offered in a variety of clays and a variety of… Continue Reading →

How To Heal ACNE With Bentonite Clay?

It is not unknown to us that Bentonite clay has numerous benefits that cannot be counted on a finger. It is used to detoxify skin, it is used to purify water, it is used as a cooler, it is used… Continue Reading →

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