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DIY Rose Clay and Bentonite Clay Face Mask

Naturally obtained Calcium Bentonite clay powder is one of the most versatile compounds available on the planet. It can easily be made into a variety of masks for face for varied different benefits. It can also be used for hair… Continue Reading →

Bentonite Clay Detoxification for Radiation Build Up

Calcium Bentonite Clay, one of the most versatile things on the planet. This clay was used by Egyptians to preserve their revered pharaohs’ mummies. The mighty Naturopaths of 18th Century Germany hailed clay as one of nature’s greatest remedies, called… Continue Reading →

8 Amazing Things You Can Do With Bentonite Detox Clay

Bentonite clay is volcanic ash that was deposited undersea several years ago. It is available in the market in its natural powder form. To form clay out of this ash you need to mix a two-thirds portion of ash with… Continue Reading →

How To Perfect Skincare With Clay Powder For Naturally Dewy Skin

Who does not want baby-soft skin throughout life?  Though it may sound impossible once you have reached a certain age; but with the right products and proper approach to skin care everyone can make it possible. Beautiful skin does not… Continue Reading →

Top Benefits of Volcanic Ash – Calcium Bentonite Clay

There are thousands and thousands of toxins that we are surrounded with. It affects our internal-external health and well-being. Toxins are present in processed foods, paints, burning fumes that we inhale; pesticides, unpurified water, and the air we breathe. The… Continue Reading →

How Does Calcium Bentonite Clay Help A Healthy Pregnancy?

A healthy pregnancy is foremost thought of every woman who is expecting. This is natural because a pregnant female is inclined to feel the safety of her baby while in the womb. Humans are smart creatures and they have information,… Continue Reading →

How to use Bentonite Clay on Kids?

What is Calcium Bentonite clay? The calcium bentonite clay is the natural clay formed from the ashes of the volcano. Calcium bentonite clay is widely popular as Healing Clay, cleansing, and detoxifying product. It is also helpful for some primary diseases,… Continue Reading →

How To Heal ACNE With Bentonite Clay?

It is not unknown to us that Bentonite clay has numerous benefits that cannot be counted on a finger. It is used to detoxify skin, it is used to purify water, it is used as a cooler, it is used… Continue Reading →

4 Ways To Use Bentonite Clay for Acne

Herb n’ clay‘s healing clay which is also known as bentonite clay has infinite benefits. Few of which are it removes waste toxins from your body, it helps with gastronomical problems, it helps in maintaining weight, it helps speedy recovery… Continue Reading →

What are Absorption and Adsorption Qualities of Healing Clay?

What is Healing Clay? The healing clay also known as Bentonite clay is natural Earth’s clay that is to be applied on the skin. It will make your body feel fresh and alive. It could be used to detoxify the… Continue Reading →

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