Calcium Bentonite is composed of ash made from volcanoes. It is popularly known as “Healing clay” that cleanses and heals the body. Bentonite clay, also called Montmorillonite clay, is already becoming a wellness trend among people who are looking for detoxification.

The FDA has rated Bentonite as “generally regarded as safe” to ingest but it can be harmful if inhaled. The World Health Organization has found no evidence of harmful side effects in humans. Increasing number of people are now enjoying Bentonite clay benefits through Herb N Clay, by taking it internally (in other words, drinking and eating it), on top of using it externally on the skin.

Herb n’ Clay is combined with water and left to dry on the skin to be used as a clay mask. The clay binds to bacteria and toxins living on the surface of the skin and within pores, and extracts them from pores. This helps to reduce the outbreak of blemishes, reduce redness and also fight certain allergic reactions.

It also has special ability to act as an antibiotic treatment. On skin, the clay can help to calm skin infections and speed up healing time of wounds or eczema. When used in bath, it leaves skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and less inflamed.

Skin serves as a medium to detoxify our body. To help this process Herb n’ Clay– Bentonite Clay – is used. Bentonite Clay has 100% negative ionic charge. Hence, like a magnet, it attracts positively charged ions – for example, viruses, bacteria, impurities, etc. The positive ions stick to the surface of the clay molecules (adsorbed) and drawn inside the clay molecules (absorbed). They are then removed from the body with clay. Herb n’ Clay has a 9.7 pH, which neutralizes and balances acidic conditions. To further assist body’s natural detoxifying procedure, Calcium Bentonite Clay is used for facials, full body wraps, and clay baths.

It is extremely important to know your clays. First of all, all clays are different, making it complicated to understand the many differences in clay families. Calcium Bentonite is of the Smectite Family of Clays. What makes them unique is that Smectite Family of clays have greater adsorption capacity over other clay families. Calcium Bentonite Clay is widely known as healing clays for detoxifying and cleansing.

One needs to consider following criteria when buying Calcium Bentonite clay:

  • Natural calcium Bentonite clay, 100% pure and free of impurities.
  • pH of 8.5 or above.
  • Calcium Bentonite Clay, and not the Sodium variant
  • Pure clay that has to be odourless and tasteless.
  • Choose only all-natural non-processed clay.

Organic, by definition, is “relating to, or obtained from living things.” In other words, it requires the presence of biologically active life – e.g., plants, animals, and/or their by-products, etc. By this definition, pure Bentonite Clay, formed from inert volcanic ash and trace minerals, is inorganic.

However, one can see the difference from the first use, to get better results and intensify the same one can consider using this regularly.

Apart from skin and internal detoxification, Calcium Bentonite clay finds its application in removing fluoride that is often present in drinking water, serving as a cost-effective water purification alternative. In combination with magnesium, the clay has been shown to benefit the purity of tap water. Bentonite clay can be applied on babies’ skin to sooth irritation and redness as an alternative to traditional powders.

It’s always good to have more questions, and if you do, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to assist you.