How it works

How Calcium Bentonite Works

Ever wonder how the walk on the beach or the mountains make you feel rejuvenated! Science now backs the feeling with explanation.

The air around us is filled with two types of electric charges – Positive Ions or Free Radicals and Negative Ions. The higher the level of pollution more is the number of Positive Ions in the air. On the other hand, the forest, mountains or oceans contain numerous negative ions.
Calcium Bentonite used in HERB n’ CLAY is a type of Smectite Clay also popular known as living clay. Smectites can absorb and adsorp which makes them a powerful mineral to make positive chemical changes in our body. Calcium Bentonite uses both adsorption and absorption that makes it work as an excellent detox.

Compared to the other types of clays in the market, the bentonites go a step ahead by exhibiting a significantly superior Cation Exchange Capacity. This cation exchange happens in the outer layer, the adsorption layer of the clay. In Calcium Bentonite clay, this cation exchange gives it an excellent negative ionic charge that brings about a strong attraction ability to attract, capture and discharge toxic positively charged ions from the body. Imagine, it only took nearly 43 million years for that to happen!

The negative ions found in HERB n’ CLAY contains these negative ions that not only strengthens our immunity but it also works great for those who are susceptible to periodic spells of cold and other diseases. HERB n’ CLAY gets your mind, body and spirit the balance it truly deserves!